• Molecular ecology, molecular systematics and biogeography of plants
  • Introduction to Forest Genetics
  • Speciation: from Population genetics to Phylogenetics - in English
  • Genetic Resource Management - in English


  • Hot topics in Forest Genetics and Forestry plant breeding
  • Molecular ecology, molecular systematics and biogeography of plants


  • Anatomy and morphology of plants (Basic botany course, part I)
  • Systematics of Spermatophytes (Basic botany course, part II)
  • Introduction to molecular phylogenetics: from leaf to DNA sequences and phylogenies
  • Plant identification in the field (excursions)
  • Diversity and evolution of mooses
  • Identification of plants in winter
  • Pollination biology practical
  • Bird identification in the field
  • Multi-day botanical excursion and seminar on Evolution and Biogeography of Island Floras

Lab practicals 

  • Molecular ecology and evolutionary biology of plants for advanced students
  • Molecular ecology and evolutionary biology of plants for NB